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Building a Healthier, Happier You


When it comes to getting your body in shape, Hot Yoga is the perfect solution. Hot yoga is a type of yoga that combines sustained postures and controlled breathing at hot temperatures for an intense workout. The high temperature enhances vasodilatation so that more blood is delivered to the muscles, bringing more oxygen to the muscles and aiding the removal of waste products such as carbon dioxide and lactic acid. The increased blood flow offers many whole-body wellness benefits for improved physical and mental health. 

With our FE Hot Yoga program, you'll receive guidance from instructors who will help guide your experience through practice and teach you how to reach your goals. Our use of infrared heaters instead of conventional HVAC provides a more enjoyable and rewarding experience with the benefits of sunlight without harmful UV exposure. We believe in allowing everyone to feel at ease and comfortable with their body, and our mission is to help you be a healthier, happier you! Schedule a class today!

Increase metabolism

Improve coordination

Burns fat easier

Build muscle tone and strength

Prevent injury & gain flexibility

Boost energy level

Improve stamina

Reduce fatigue

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Got Questions About Hot YOGA?

Our Most Frequently Asked Questions

What is Hot Yoga?

Hot yoga is a popular fitness trend that combines the benefits of traditional yoga with hot temperatures. Simply put, hot yoga refers to the same techniques, stretches, and positions of traditional styles performed within heated rooms for improved health benefits like increased blood flow, metabolism, flexibility, and coordination. At Fitness Evolution, we use infrared heaters that provide a more enjoyable experience over the stuffy, clammy feeling of conventional heat.

What is the point of Hot Yoga?

Hot yoga is a better workout for your body because the heat increases blood flow for better circulation, and hot muscles burn fat easier for better results.

What is the difference between Yoga and Hot Yoga?

The primary difference is the temperature of the room or studio. Hot yoga uses the same movements and techniques as traditional yoga, but with the room heated to over 100 degrees. 

When you practice yoga in a heated environment, your body can stretch more easily because the heat loosens up tight muscles. The added flexibility makes it easier for students of all levels to enjoy benefits like increased blood circulation and improved sleep quality! 

The experience is even better at Fitness Evolution using infrared heaters that offer the benefits of sunlight without harmful UV exposure.

How should I prepare for a Hot Yoga class?
  1. Hydrate before and after class to keep your body's engine running!
  2. Avoid eating two hours before the workout starts, so there is more blood flow available for exercise.
  3. Wear appropriate clothes that you can sweat in. No underwear or bathing suits will be allowed.
  4. Plan to arrive early, so you have plenty of time to park, check in, and be ready for class to start. LATE ENTRY WILL NOT BE PERMITTED