No matter what size or shape, learning proper lifting techniques can keep you and your body safe while getting the most out of your workouts.


Tired of using the same machines or weightless exercises? Take your workout up a notch and feel the difference!


Our experienced trainers are not intimidating but inspiring, empowering you to become the champion of your life.


Weight Training is a full-body workout that changes your body, clears your mind, and engages every part of you.

Here's your chance to learn all the proper techniques and form to give you confidence when lifting on the floor. Join our very own personal trainers as they guide you through 1 hour of weight training, complete with proper technique and execution. Strength training not only increases your physical work capacity but allows you to work harder and longer with the proper weight training activities.

Already know how to lift? Great! Come and enjoy a thoughtfully crafted weight training workout that's planned to give you results!

Intense cardio

Strengthen your core

Build stamina

Gain confidence

Learn the fundamentals

Join a community

Modern equipment

Learn timeless technique

Got Questions About Weight Training?

Our Most Frequently Asked Questions

Can I come as a beginner?

We train beginners from the ground up, We teach life skills that can be implemented into a robust workout program. If you are serious about training and learning, come join us.

What if I can’t do everything in class?

If you can move and desire to learn, you have nothing to worry about. Our instructors offer modifications for most of the exercises we do in class, so you'll have options. Our goal is not to exclude anyone but to help you challenge yourself and achieve your goals.

None of us start off as experts. When you want to learn how to box, weight-lift, pure fitness martial arts, or even something complex like Muay Thai kickboxing, you have to start somewhere. This is a no judgment zone where to learn how to box and other disciplines. Bellingham boxing, Bellingham weight-lifting, martial arts are a great place to start when offered.