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Group-X classes are now back at the main gym at 1504 Iowa Street, Bellingham, WA!!!

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About FE Evolution

At Fitness Evolution Bellingham, the focus is on affordably improving health. We’re proud to be part of our wonderful PNW city’s unique culture of fitness and well-being.Like other long-time gyms in the area, we’re locally-owned and operated, but you know what really sets us apart?

Our awesome management, service, and training teams, and of course our amazing members!We’re a community within a community; a wide varying assortment of B’hamsters of all ages, body types, and fitness levels. From young teens just getting started and Western’s college-aged crowd, to professionals of all kinds, families and retired veterans… there’s something at Fitness Evolution Bellingham for Every Body.




Everything you need under one roof — free weight systems galore, all the best fitness accessories, a huge assortment of strength and performance-training machines, group fitness classes, a second floor filled with cardio training ellipticals, treadmills, bikes, rowers, stair climbers, and so much more!  We even have a cardio theater and in-house barber shop!


Even at peak hours when the gym is buzzing with members, you’ll have more than enough space. Does it get crowded up front by the dumbbell racks or bench press benches from time to time? Yep.  But whether you’re jump roping, stretching it out, doing your own strength endurance training circuit with 3-5 different exercises, or hitting the machines, you’ll have plenty of breathing room.


We have specific teams of awesome people dedicated to cleaning and maintaining both our equipment and our facility throughout every day. So, not only will your barbell or machine handles be impeccably clean, your bathroom, changing area and private shower will be as well.

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At Fitness Evolution Bellingham, the focus is on affordably improving health.

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When it comes to getting your body in shape, Hot Yoga is the perfect solution.