FE Bellingham Zumba Class

Get Fit, Have Fun, and Join the Party!


Dance your way to a great, healthy body with friends. The room overflows with joy, happiness, and empowerment.


Experience new cultures through music and dance with a great mix of Latin flavors and high-energy international beats.


Challenge yourself to try something new. There is no pressure for you to be a great dancer; just do what feels right.


Zumba mixes cardio, toning, and sculpting routines with high-energy dance to promote a total body workout.

Zumba Class by Bellingham Fitness Evolution


Zumba is a new and exciting fitness class that combines a high-energy cardio workout with pulsating Latin music. It includes many different dance styles, including merengue, salsa, mambo, cumbia, reggaeton, belly dancing, and more! At Fitness Evolution, we are passionate about creating a healthy atmosphere of excitement. With no experience necessary, anyone can join in the fun and have an exciting time while achieving your desired fitness goal. 

This class is a total-body workout that utilizes Latin and international rhythms and easy-to-follow moves. Alternating between fast and slow rhythms provides interval training to sculpt and tone your body through dance and sweat. Our energetic and devoted instructors provide the support, motivation, and accountability you need to get out of your comfort zone. This fun and effective form of exercise feels more like an entertaining night out than working out at a gym – what could be better?

Total-body workout

Burn calories

Tone up or slim down

Dance to your favorite songs

Meet new people

Cardio, toning, and sculpting

Mood enhancing


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Got Questions About Zumba?

Our Most Frequently Asked Questions

What is Zumba?

Zumba is like a dance party for your body. It’s the perfect group setting to not only get in shape but have fun with friends and family while doing so! In these classes, you will be dancing around to Latin beats such as salsa, flamenco, or merengue music- this workout can’t help but make you feel happy. Zumba already has millions of followers because it makes people want to stay fit without sacrificing their happiness!

Will I still be able to take a Zumba class if I don’t know how to dance?

No need to worry! There are several simple moves that you can pick up quickly, so don’t sweat it if you make mistakes. As long as everyone’s having fun, we’re all doing what needs to be done right!

Try BodyPump classes for a class with just as much movement, but not as much dance.

Why should I try Zumba?

Zumba is the perfect way to stay healthy while having fun. It will not only help you with your weight, posture, and confidence; it can also improve other aspects of your life, such as stress relief or metabolism!

How many calories can I burn during Zumba class?

Each person can vary in how many calories they burn per class depending on body type, composition, intensity, range of motion, and more. Burning hundreds of calories is achievable depending on these individual factors, causing people to have very different calorie expenditure rates.

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