Kids Club

Gym With Childcare in Bellingham

Open – Mon- Sun: 8:15 AM To 1:00 PM & Mon-Fri: 4:00 PM to 7:30 PM
Holiday Hours 8:15am-1:00pm (Closed on Christmas)

Safe, professional, highly-trained childcare staff who love working with children.

Safe and accommodating for all age groups from 3 months to 12 year olds.

 Strict deep cleaning and sanitization procedures 3 times a day to ensure the health and safety of all children.

Bellingham Gym With Kids Club & Daycare

The Fitness Evolution Kids Club is a limited, on-site childcare service for children age 3 months to 12 years old. It is a service provided for member and employee children only.


1. ON-SITE: Any child in our care must have a parent or legal guardian on-site at all times. NO EXCEPTION!

2. PRICES: We are currently offering monthly unlimited childcare for families at a rate of $19.99 per child. This is limited to each child and cannot be interchanged between children in your family. Unlimited contracts will be monthly EFT agreements and require a 30 day cancellation notice. There is a drop in rate of $10 per child per visit.

3. TIME LIMIT: There is a 2 hour time limit per day for childcare visits. A Member who leaves their child(ren) for over 2 consecutive hours will be automatically charged a $10 late fee. Staff reserves the right to refuse service to any member who attempts to drop off children for longer than the specified time limit.

4. CHECK IN/OUT: The parents must sign themselves and their children in at the childcare desk. Please let staff know where you will be, this information is necessary in the event that a parent must be paged for any reason. When you pick up your child, you MUST sign them out by writing the time you leave and initialing to prevent any late fees. Staff will not release a child to anyone except the parent who signed the child in.

5. COVID-19: We follow the most up to date Covid policies set forth by the Whatcom County and Washington State Departments of Health as well as the CDC to ensure safety to your children and our faculty.

6. ILLNESS: Staff reserves the right to refuse any child who appears to be ill. To avoid this situation, it is recommended that any child who is sick be kept at home until all symptoms have cleared and there has been no fever/diarrhea/vomiting for 24 hours. If your child is too sick to go to school, they are too sick to come to the Kids Club.

7. BEHAVIOR: The staff reserves the right to refuse any child who acts unsafe or in an exceptionally disruptive manner at any time. The staff may also determine that a particular child may not return to the Club for a specified length of time or until a particular problem is corrected (ex. Biting/spitting/hitting or bad language). In the event of this occurrence, a pro-rated refund for unused childcare will be issued.

8. SNACKS: Food is NOT allowed in the Kids Club. We welcome bottles for babies and spill-proof cups for all children. Please label all items with your child’s name to prevent any confusion.

9. BABIES: Diaper changing is NOT provided by Kids Club staff. Parents are expected to come and do these tasks when called upon.

11. POTTY TRAINING: Staff cannot be held responsible for assisting in potty training. Children in the process of being potty trained should be taken to the bathroom upon arrival by the parent. Extra clothing should be provided as well. It is recommended that a child wear pull-ups at the Club until potty training is complete.

12. HAND WASHING: We ask that all children wash their hands upon arrival; if your child requires assistance please help them prior to leaving for your workout.

13. TOYS: We ask that all personal toys be left at home, especially after the holidays. We understand it can be difficult to separate children from their belongings. However, it is crucial that all items in the kids club be age appropriate and no small items are allowed.

We appreciate everyone’s cooperation and compliance in relation to these policies and procedures. Services, policies and procedures are subject to change to maintain an exceptional, safe, healthy, and fun environment for all.


***The Fitness Evolution Kids Club staff reserve the right to refuse service to any member who fails to follow these or other Kids Club policies and procedures.***