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Find a Calmer, Healthier You


Build strength and focus through ancient martial arts and breathing techniques that promote whole-body wellness.


Find inner peace through meditation, stretching, and postures that relieve stress, lower blood pressure and improve mood.


Connect with others in the community through supportive instruction that increases self-esteem and confidence.


Connect with others in the community through supportive instruction that increases self-esteem and confidence.


Best Tai Chi Classes in Bellingham, WA

Tai Chi focuses on energy circulation, breathing, balance, awareness, and concentration. These movements may be done while standing, sitting, or even reclining. Tai Chi group exercises increase your sensitivity to your own energy over time. Many people have felt stronger and lighter in the body and emotionally more precise and more focused.

At Fitness Evolution, you’ll practice group exercises designed to increase your levels of wellbeing, including physical strength and flexibility, stress reduction, mental clarity, better moods, and confidence. Our instructors support students every step of the way through individual attention that emphasizes form and safety. Learn strategies for improving whole-body health through deep breathing and mindful movement. Get started today in a calm and supportive community environment.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Tai Chi is a term that refers to the natural energy equilibrium of life. For millennia, people have recognized that nature tends to achieve balance, and they’ve utilized techniques to access this natural energy phenomenon since then. Many energy disciplines, such as Qigong and various healing martial arts, may be considered forms of Tai Chi.

At Fitness Evolution, our Tai Chi group classes use this ancient form of martial arts, breathing, and postures to improve your energy and overall health.

Our group exercises help you focus on the connections between your body and mind, encouraging mindfulness of yourself and your surroundings. You’ll experience gentle yet challenging movements that complement deep breathing and meditation to clear stress, reduce anxiety, heighten awareness of physical limitations, calm the senses, and promote whole-body health.

Our instructors adjust the program to each participant’s body awareness, strength, and flexibility. You may also practice on your own at home or in class between sessions with Tai Chi instructional videos.

Depending on where you are on your present health journey, the results can vary. The mental and mood benefits will begin immediately after the first week as you breathe, stretch, and balance in new ways that you never have before. Weight loss can also be quick if you’re new to working out; however, it is usually slower than other programs.

Tai Chi is a lifelong practice. Over time, these exercises can build your physical and mental resiliency as you learn to regulate stress levels and deeply care for yourself. The results may unfold gradually over weeks, months, or even years as you gain strength from breathwork, better sleep habits, healthier relationships with others, and an overall improvement in your wellbeing.

By definition:

  • Tai Chi is one of the three primary martial arts forms from China. Tai Chi is performed in a sequential pattern of movements and postures called a form.
  • Qigong (energy work) is a broad term covering a wide range of exercises combined to cultivate Qi (life energy) throughout the body. Qigong movements and postures move laterally, much like calisthenics. 

Fitness Evolution uses Tai Chi routines in conjunction with group classes at our gym. Through our exercise program, you can feel the energy between your hands with energy-sensing meditation and experience oneness and harmony with the energy around you. Many of the deep stretches are Qigong postures intended to help you increase your energy circulation from head to toe.

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