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Tone up your booty and core today!


Don’t be embarrassed by your body with your toned booty and core.


Feel great in your clothes and turn heads with results-driven training.


Add extra strength and flexibility to your core muscles for better movements. 


Get the most out of yourself and enjoy better body wellness with our training.

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Get ready for an intense core and booty workout focused on challenging the muscles in your glutes and abdominals. Boost your metabolism and work your way to a more muscular, more toned body in this 45-minute class hosted at Fitness Evolution – Bellingham. You will use weights, bands, gliders, and body weight exercises to achieve maximum results while targeting your hips, glutes, abs, and back! At the end of the class, you can look forward to a peaceful stretching session targeting frequently used muscles, so you feel energized and ready for your next workout.

With practical training, you can achieve the physique you desire to increase your body’s wellness at a faster pace. Make a bold statement in your clothes and enjoy the confidence of having a well-defined booty and core. Fitness Evolution – Bellingham offers results-driven coaching that will make you feel great in your skin. Discover how to maximize your potential, love yourself with our Booty & Core program, and get ready to sculpt the body you have always wanted!

Targeted mid & lower body workout

Challenge your glutes and abdominals

Boost your metabolism

Strengthen your body

Achieve maximum results

Tone your physique

Increase body wellness

Energize your day, outlook, and well-being

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Got Questions About Booty & Core Classes?

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Booty & Core Classes

What are the benefits of our Booty & Core Class?

The Booty & Core class at Fitness Evolution – Bellingham is designed to challenge the muscles in your glutes and abdominals with core toning exercises. It helps tone your entire body, minimize low back pain, boost your metabolism, and offer an opportunity for increased strength and flexibility. Participating in this 45-minute class provides benefits like toning up your booty and core area to feel more confident in your skin and love yourself with a defined figure. With the combination of weight, band, glider, and bodyweight exercises utilized throughout the program, you will progress toward achieving maximum results with each session.

The Booty & Core class also encourages overall body wellness by incorporating stretching into every workout. Stretching benefits your physical and mental health by improving blood flow to specific body areas while releasing tension from tense muscles. As such, regular participation in this program allows one to reach their highest potential while feeling energized after each intense workout.

Individuals can sculpt their body shape exactly how they want it through this exercise routine specifically designed to target major muscle groups within the legs, hips, glutes, abs, back, etc. This ultimately leads them towards confidence goals previously desired but never achieved before signing up for our top-notch program.

What can I expect from the class?

Participating in Fitness Evolution – Bellingham’s Booty & Core class is a great way to challenge your glutes and abdominals. The program is 45 minutes long and consists of weight, band, glider, and bodyweight exercises. These exercises target the major muscles in the legs, hips, glutes, abs, back, and more.

The class begins with a warm-up to prepare you for the intense workout. After getting your muscles warmed up and activated, we start exercising our core by targeting areas such as our obliques/side abs area with twisting moves. We also include hip thrusts to ensure that those booty gains are impressive! To finish off a fantastic workout session, there are planks for core strengthening purposes and squats that burn fat while toning up all sides of your bottom — front quadriceps included!

As the individual progresses throughout their training sessions, one can expect noticeable changes in their body shape through faster runs or even smaller clothes sizes due to increased muscle tone. Also, enjoy better body wellness with our advanced program as it teaches how to maximize one’s potential while increasing overall strength too! All these benefits come without dangerous effects since each exercise is performed safely according to set guidelines.

Who is this class for?

The Booty & Core class at Fitness Evolution – Bellingham is perfect for individuals of any age or fitness level. Whether you want to tone up your body, increase body wellness, sculpt the figure you’ve always wanted, or enjoy a challenging workout that will energize you after each training session, this class is for you.

The booty and core program is designed to be flexible in meeting all needs and goals. The program targets the major muscle groups within the legs, hips, glutes, and abdominals with weight-bearing exercises such as squats and hip thrusts as well as band exercises like seated rows which help engage the abductors (inner thighs).

With established guidelines on performing each exercise safely, you get maximum results from every workout routine without harming yourself. This allows individuals to become more confident in participating in this rigorous program.

This booty & core class also includes stretching to improve blood flow throughout the body while releasing tension from tense muscles – leading towards increased strength and flexibility over time with regular participation in this program. Stretching has been shown to benefit one’s physical health, but it can also provide mental benefits since it reduces exercise-related stress.

The Booty & Core class at Fitness Evolution – Bellingham is ideal for anyone who wants to challenge themselves and reach their body goals in a safe environment. Join us today and experience the ultimate booty transformation!

How often should I take this class for maximum benefit?

For maximum benefit, taking the Booty & Core class at Fitness Evolution – Bellingham should be done twice a week. This will allow your body time to rest and recover between classes and give your muscles time to strengthen and build.

During each class, you can expect an intense 45-minute workout tailored to target the major muscles of the legs, hips, glutes, and abs with squats and hip thrusts. These exercises help increase muscle tone and strength, but they also help improve posture, balance, and flexibility, which is vital for overall health. Stretching activities are also incorporated into every routine so participants can feel relaxed yet energized after each session due to improved blood flow throughout the body while releasing tension from tense muscles.

Alongside intensive exercise come various benefits when sticking to a regular booty & core program twice a week:

  • Increased muscle tone, better mobility, and stability, which helps reduce aches/pains associated with aging or physical activities
  • Stronger bones that can resist fractures more easily
  • Improved metabolism
  • Weight control
  • Lower stress levels from endorphins released during cardio exercise
  • Enhanced confidence levels due to visible changes (smaller clothes sizes, fast 5K/10K run times, etc.)

As you can see, taking the Booty & Core class twice a week at Fitness Evolution – Bellingham offers many physical and mental benefits that will help you reach your body goals and feel accomplished. Get ready to experience the ultimate booty transformation!

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