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There may be a fitness program for nearly every type of exercise out there. If you like to do something new and different, workout classes may be perfect for you.  If you don’t like exercising alone or prefer to work out with people in person rather than on your own at home, group workout sessions may also be the best option for you. The following are five of the most popular types of group fitness classes being offered at gyms today.

Hot Yoga Classes

Hot yoga classes are currently very popular across the world. These hot yoga workouts are usually 60 minutes long and include so many postures that work all parts of your body through yoga poses held for up to several minutes each. You have plenty of time to relax between poses during this workout.

If you’re already a yoga fan, hot yoga classes may be perfect for you since they will likely increase your workout’s intensity and they also last a little longer than regular yoga workouts. If you’re used to strength training in the gym, however, this workout may not be for you since it doesn’t focus on weights or resistance equipment of any kind.

If you’re unfamiliar with hot yoga, it’s basically a yoga class that takes place in an extremely warm, and often humid, room. And we say warm, we mean anywhere between 80 and 100 degrees Fahrenheit! Everyone gets super sweaty and it really takes a lot of out you. There are many health benefits to doing hot yoga including body detoxification, increased metabolism, and stress reduction.

HIIT Classes

If high-intensity interval training sounds good to you, a HIIT boot camp may be right up your alley. These workouts are usually 45 minutes long with 10-30 second intervals that alternate between intense exertion and low-intensity recovery periods. A HIIT workout can burn just as many calories per hour as a traditional cardio workout while strengthening the heart and lungs, too. If you work out on your own at home but usually exercise with traditional cardio sessions, HIIT workout classes may be perfect for you.

HIIT workouts are all the rage these days! If you’re looking for a great HIIT program, check out the classes at Bellingham fitness center, Fitness Evolution. They offer HIIT classes for every skill level, and they really pack a punch. As your preferred local gym, Fitness Evolution offers memberships starting at only $19.99 per month. They offer awesome classes like HIIT, boxing, and TRX, and they also have personal training so you can sign up for individual coaching. For more information, visit their website or visit their front desk today!

Spin Cycling Classes

If spin cycling sounds like an exciting group fitness workout, try attending a spin class at your local gym. These workout classes usually last around one hour and involve sitting on a stationary bike that has foot pedals attached to its frame. You’ll follow along with the instructor’s instructions as you apply resistance to push yourself through various workout levels while spinning your legs faster and faster.

This workout is very high intensity and fast-paced which makes it great for people who like to workout quickly and efficiently at their gym since they will get in and out of the gym in less than an hour most days of the week if they take one or two spin classes per week.

Boxing Classes

Boxing workout classes are similar to kickboxing workout classes but they focus primarily on upper body conditioning and less on lower body flexibility. You can expect these workout sessions to last at least one hour and will probably include punching bags of various kinds, speed, and agility drills, and hitting special pads that your instructor holds for you.

These group fitness classes will give you a great cardiovascular workout while also helping you tone up and increase your strength if you quickly push yourself through different workout levels. If classic cardio workouts bore you or don’t seem challenging enough sometimes, this may be the perfect workout class for increasing your fitness level while adding variety to your workout routine.

Personal Training

Boxing may be a great activity to hire a personal trainer for a one-on-one session more than the other classes we’re talking about today. Sometimes, you want to take a class so you can learn a new skill, switch up your routine, or keep yourself engaged. However, you don’t always feel comfortable exercising in front of others, and that can be because of many different reasons. Maybe others are too high-energy for you, maybe you just started exercising and you need to warm up to being around others before you take your first class, even if it seems to be a friendly environment. Or, maybe you just get distracted easily and need super friendly and motivating individual coaches to focus and make the most of your time. Whatever the reason, boxing is a great activity to focus on if you’re looking to take a class with a personal trainer.

TRX Classes

If suspension training intrigues you, try taking a TRX class at your gym. This workout method involves hanging from two straps that are often attached to workout equipment such as a jungle gym. There’s a wide variety of workout moves you can do using the TRX workout straps and your own bodyweight instead of weights or traditional workout equipment, but they all work similar muscle groups at once for increasing your workout intensity quickly.

If you work out at the gym alone and don’t feel challenged enough sometimes, this workout may be perfect for you since it will likely increase your workout intensity much more than a typical strength training workout would if you’re used to working out with weights or resistance equipment.

Try Group Fitness Classes Today!

In addition to these five types of classes mentioned above, there are many other possibilities available at various gyms across the country. Some gyms offer a single workout class per day while others offer a workout class every hour on the hour. If you’re not sure what workout classes your gym offers, be sure to ask an employee for more information or read through your gym’s workout brochure before googling different workout classes available at other gyms in your area instead.

There are many reasons why group fitness classes may be the right choice for you and your fitness goals if you’ve been working out alone at home without much success lately. Working out with a group of people can motivate you to push yourself harder than usual during each workout session and different workout types.

If you’re in Bellingham, workout classes are in abundance. They offer a super friendly and positive community so you, your friends, and your family can have fun and improve your life on your schedule. To sign up for HIIT classes, boxing lessons, TRX, hot yoga, or personal training, contact Fitness Evolution in Bellingham today. They offer extremely affordable memberships and top-tier equipment for their members. Contact them today!

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