Is a Gym Membership Worth it?

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The answer to this question largely rests on your specific situation. That being said, if you’re looking to better your mental or physical well-being through regular exercise, or achieve a particular fitness milestone, here are some points that might help you determine whether looking into gym memberships is the right move for you.

Does a Gym Membership Work With Your Budget?

Let me answer this question for you. Gym memberships are as low as $10 or $20 a month, so you can most likely afford a membership. It’ll likely be more about figuring out what type of fitness center you can afford to join.

Begin by evaluating your budget. Find areas where you can cut back and save money for your membership, like maybe on that extra fast food meal or those daily diet sodas. Be realistic about what you can afford and what your needs are. If you conclude that you absolutely cannot afford a membership, don’t get discouraged! There are lots of free workout videos online that you can watch and follow at home, or you can always exercise in the great outdoors (weather permitting).

As we said, very affordable fitness centers with good amenities and fitness offerings exist. One example is Fitness Evolution in Bellingham, which offers gym memberships for only $19.99 per month without lengthy contracts. Their services, among others, include group fitness classes, a personal trainer, top-notch equipment, friendly staff, and clean facilities. The average gym membership tends to be more in the $50 range.

Are You Truly Committed To Using Your Gym Membership?

If you only plan to work out every now and again or know from past experience that you quickly give up on fitness goals, a gym membership may not be the best use of your money. However, if working out is something you’re confident you’ll stick with and make use of the gym regularly, it could be a worthwhile investment.

It’s easy to join a fitness center and get new workout clothes and shoes, then tell everyone your plans to go three times a week and get in shape. The hard part is actually going to the gym regularly. Why do you work out? Is it to lose weight, beef up, prep for a big race or an upcoming sports season, learn how to live healthily, improve your mental and physical well-being after a health scare, or simply create a regular workout routine? Without a committed purpose or powerful goal, you won’t achieve much in the gym. People who lack sedimented goals and drive rarely succeed.

How Much Time Do You Have To Dedicate to the Gym?

Third, and this is important, contemplate your schedule. Do you currently have time to be consistent with working out? If you find yourself always on the go, making fitness center visits can become increasingly challenging. Before committing to a membership, ensure you can manage to go regularly. This is especially pertinent if you are considering hiring someone as a personal trainer or joining fitness classes.

Remember that working one-on-one with fitness professionals or taking classes may not suit you if you’re not disciplined with your time or struggle to stick to routines. You must consider other people’s time and try to show up for your sessions.

What Kinds of Gym Equipment or Amenities Do You Need?

Finally, evaluate the amenities and exercise equipment available at the gym. Do you want a fitness center with free weights, cardio machines, serious weight-lifting equipment, etc.? If you feel lacking, you likely won’t be as enthusiastic to go frequently. Consider all that you want and need from a gym before deciding to get full value for your money.

Are There Good Local Options To Choose From?

Before selecting a gym, ask yourself if there is a good local option near your work or home. If the gym location isn’t ideal, you likely won’t go, which would render your monthly membership fee wasted.

If you live rurally, it might be difficult to get to a fitness center regularly. In this case, consider designing a workout space in your home with some basic equipment. This could include free weights for strength training, a cardio machine, a yoga mat, and other necessary materials. You may also want to add a television or stereo system for entertainment while you work out. Having everything at a home gym will help eliminate the excuse that the gym is too far away and not worth going to. You won’t have to share a locker room with other gym members if you work at a home gym.

Are You Required to Sign a Long-Term Contract?

You really have to ask yourself, “Based on my goals, personality, schedule, budget, and level of commitment, is this year-long gym membership worth it?” Other fitness centers have more flexible monthly gym membership options, so be sure to ask about the details before committing.

Good Luck Finding the Perfect Gym Membership for You!

Though there isn’t a single answer to whether looking into gym memberships is worth it, you can figure out what’s best for you by thinking about things like your budget, schedule, and desired workout results. By taking the time to consider all of this before making a decision, you’re more likely to find an affordable gym membership that suits both your needs and lifestyle.

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