Good Workout Plan for Beginners

All of These Workout Classes Are Great for People at All Fitness Levels.

The best workout plan for someone who is just beginning their fitness journey and wants to level up their fitness level should include both the large and small muscle groups, be very structured, engaging, fun, easy to pick up on, and your workouts should yield impressive results. There are many types of workouts and fitness classes that qualify as best for this group of people.

HIIT Fitness Class

HIIT (High-intensity interval training) is a full-body workout regimen that alternates between high-intensity anaerobic exercises with low-intensity aerobic exercises in order to maximize the strength training and cardio benefits you gain from your workout routine. Things like jogging or biking at a regular pace would be considered low-intensity whereas sprinting or climbing stairs quickly would be considered high intensity. With HIIT you can expect to burn fat even after the workout is through; giving you the best results for your time.

HIIT is also a super great workout for beginners because you can find so many HIIT videos on Youtube or fitness apps, and do the full fitness class from the comfort of your own home if you aren’t quite ready to dive into the gym shark pool.

Boxing Lessons

Boxing is a serious workout that will get your blood pumping and your muscles firing. Boxing lessons are best because they use all of the large muscle groups in the body, working every section during your workout, helping you lose weight quickly and keep that weight off. Dance classes do this too, but you don’t get to punch anything in dance class. They are also amazing for strength training. Not only do boxing classes help strengthen muscles on different levels but also burn more calories on average compared to other types of workouts. This is because boxing requires both mental concentration as well as a physical strain which can make it harder to hold back while exercising than with other types of activities.

TRX Fitness Classes

TRX training isn’t exclusive to TRX straps; there are many pieces of equipment one can use for this type of exercise regimen. TRX training uses gravity and your own body weight against you to work out all areas of your body, making it best because there is no need for weight-training. Chances are you’ll feel the burn and see results even after just a couple of sessions with TRX straps.

If you’re unfamiliar with TRX, try checking it out at your local gym. There are many gyms, like Fitness Evolution in Bellingham, Washinton, that are offering TRX classes. Even if you are just starting out, the workout is based on your own body weight, and the instructors will give you modifications for many of the moves.

Hot Yoga 

You might be skeptical about how effective hot yoga classes can be for such an amazing workout but let us assure you that it’s worth giving a try. People who do a few classes find that they become more flexible over time as well as build strength and endurance in both their muscles and lungs. Hot yoga is a true full-body workout in every sense of the word. One only needs to give a single hot yoga class a shot once before realizing why so many people swear by this type of workout routine. You don’t need a fancy yoga mat to participate in yoga classes, contrary to popular perception. You can definitely do the workout class with a cheap mat from Target.

Personal Training

Personal training is best because its sole purpose is to help those who don’t know where or how to begin with their fitness journey. While personal training is best known for its help with building muscle it can also be best because of the accountability aspect that starts to kick in once you’re paying someone else for their time.

Most people worry that personal training can be too expensive. Will it break the bank and even be worth it? What if the trainer and I don’t get along, or they don’t get results for me? The answer to those questions is simple: You’ll never know until you ask and until you try. Health is everything. If you are seriously committed to losing weight, training for an event, or getting into shape, you will do whatever it takes and whatever is best for your life and your body. Do you need a personal trainer to become fit and healthy? Maybe not, but it’s there as an option, and it might just be the option that works best for you.

Find A Workout Plan That You Like?

These are just some of the best workout plans for someone who is just beginning their fitness journey, but there are plenty more available depending on your interests or needs. Check out some classes at your local gym, like Fitness Evolution Bellingham, and keep trying different types of activities until you find something that resonates best with you. Then, try your best to stick to it; if you never stick to anything long enough to see results chances are you’ll never see those results at all even if they were right in front of your eyes!

There’s no need to join a boutique fitness studio to find a quality workout class worth sticking to, either. You can find a perfectly effective boot camp, yoga class, dance classes, cycling classes, or whatever fitness classes you want to try at a local, affordable establishment.

The best workout for someone who is just starting out is one that uses all the large muscle groups in the body, one that you enjoy doing, and one that will yield steady results. Boxing classes are best because they work on physical strength while also engaging mental concentration. TRX training builds muscle tone everywhere including the core. Hot yoga has been found to be best when it comes to building flexibility and endurance, two key components of fitness. Personal training best helps those who don’t know where or how to begin with their fitness journey. Whatever type of workout class you decide on make sure it’s best for your specific needs before sticking to it!

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