Best Fitness Class for Beginners

Best Fitness Class for Beginners

Every fitness enthusiast is different, and while some people might benefit most from something like a yoga class, others may find boxing or intense strength training fitness classes to be more beneficial. For fitness novices who are looking for something less independent than an exercise routine at the gym or a solo jog on the treadmill, fitness classes are the perfect solution.

If you’re new to fitness classes, there are certainly more types out there than your standard indoor cycling classes or fitness boot camps. No matter your preferences, there is something out there for you! Let’s look at a few very different, very fun options!

HIIT Workouts

First on our list are HIIT workouts. What are HIIT workouts? They are a full-body workout routine that focuses on strength training and cardio. In other words, they are high-intensity interval training sessions (HIIT). These fitness classes typically last anywhere from 20-45 minutes and burn as many or more calories as a traditional fitness class or workout would. HIIT workouts will typically alternate between short bouts of high-intensity work (such as sprinting, burpees, etc), and periods of lower intensity activity (like jogging on the spot or jumping jacks). This type of workout session is a great fitness class for beginners because you don’t need any equipment outside of a good pair of shoes, and they can be completed almost anywhere!

Hot Yoga

A hot yoga class is exactly what it sounds like: Yoga that is done in a heated room. The heat makes your body more flexible than it might otherwise be at that time of day/year/etc., so if you’re feeling tight, this is the fitness class for you! Hot yoga is typically done once or twice a week in a group setting, and they are very popular fitness classes everywhere these days!

Yoga tends to carry a cult vibe about it like you have to go on some sort of intense yoga journey and have a super nice yoga mat and get a membership to a boutique yoga studio to participate in it, but in reality, it’s a really welcoming activity that’s perfect for people just starting to get in shape. Yoga is sort of like a calmer, more intentional version of mat pilates.

And, although the words “hot yoga” sound intimidating, it’s a really great workout for people of all fitness levels. Yoga works a lot of muscle groups that would otherwise get ignored. It’s a full-body workout, and you only need to get through a few classes to start getting the hang of things. The instructors will often give alternative moves for poses that you have trouble with, or that may require more flexibility, so you can still participate with ease.

Boxing Classes

Ever wanted to learn how to throw a punch? Or how about dodge one? A boxing fitness class might be your answer. Talk about a full-body workout! These fitness sessions are typically more intensive than other fitness classes, and by the end of it you’ll feel like you’ve had an actual effective workout. Boxing is one of many blooming popular fitness classes, and they really get you going both mentally and physically! Boxing fitness classes typically require hand wraps (which can be purchased at any sporting goods store), so make sure to bring those along, or ask your instructor about acquiring some!   

Personal Training

Maybe you need a little more personal attention than a fitness class can provide, but still want some guidance from someone who knows what they’re doing. In that case, signing up for personal training is a great idea. Personal trainers typically work with their fitness-inclined clients either one on one or in small groups to help them meet fitness goals and stay motivated.  

Regardless of your fitness level, these fitness sessions can be just the thing you need to get started! Get out there and try something new!

Why These Fitness Classes for Beginners?

No matter your fitness level, fitness classes can be just the ticket to get you into shape, and keep you that way! There is no shortage of people who swear by a hot yoga class, HIIT workouts, boxing fitness classes, and personal training. And, you don’t need to join a boutique fitness studio or do at-home indoor cycling classes on an overly expensive machine to get in shape.

We chose these classes as ideal for beginners because they pack a big punch in a short amount of time, and there is infinite room for improvement. Also, people who are just starting out on their fitness journey often struggle with accountability, stagnation, burnout, and trouble changing their routine to make time for exercise.

With these classes, you are accountable to other students and your trainer, there are tangible and relatively quick results, and they all offer motivation to beat the boredom and keep pushing your goals.

How Can You Get Started?

Committing to one of these classes and taking that first step into the gym are the hardest parts. After that, it’s all about flexibility, an open mind, and putting in the work one step at a time to reach your fitness goals. You can do it, everyone can do it! The real challenge is that you have to “do” it, and not just think about it.

If you’re in the Bellingham, WA area, and you’re looking for the perfect place to start your fitness journey, contact Fitness Evolution today! They offer many different classes, personal training, and even physical therapy all in a friendly and open environment! Visit their website today to learn more.

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