How Do I Find a Good Local Gym?

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So, you’re on the gym hunt. With so many options and amenities to choose from, it can be overwhelming trying to decide which one is right for you.

Do you go for the one that emphasizes their personal trainers, or prioritize other gyms that have the machines you’re most familiar with? Luckily, we’ve got some tips to help you find the perfect gym to help you hit your fitness goals! Let’s take a look at what to consider before you sign up for that membership.

The Lowdown on Local Gyms

According to the 2021 US Census, there are over 92,000 people that call Bellingham, Washington their home. As more people choose to honor their physical and mental health with a more consistent workout routine in the New Year, the free weights and cardio machines will have their work cut out for them.

Luckily for you, there are dozens of gyms in the area to levy the influx of people in the new year. Each one offers something different and has its own unique specialties. From Zumba group fitness classes to traditional gyms with free weights and personal trainers, there is something for everyone.

But ultimately, you aren’t out to look for data on most gyms. You want to commit to the best gym. Let’s consider six quick factors to get you started on your next workout.

Step 1. Consider the Reviews

Before signing up at any gym, it is important to research your options. Read reviews online and ask friends who already attend a particular gym about their experiences. Reading reviews about gyms is important because it provides insight into the type of environment you will be entering and the quality of service you can expect. How does the faculty respond to critique? How many reviews have they gotten, and are they above four stars?

Reviews also allow potential members to benefit from the experience of gym members before walking in the door. They can confirm or negate important details such as who the best personal trainer is, the quality of the kids club, and if the gym is really open during the hours it claims to be.

Step 2. Location, Location, Location.

When picking out a gym, location is critical. Ideally, it should be close enough to your home or work that you don’t mind driving there for a great workout. However, some prime locations might mean that it gets too crowded during peak hours (trust us – no one likes a packed sweaty locker room!). Additionally, make sure that parking isn’t an issue; if it takes 15 minutes just to figure out where you can park your car each time you go, then maybe it’s time to look elsewhere!

Step 3. Check Out the Gym Equipment & Fitness Classes

Secondly, consider what amenities and classes are offered at each gym. Do they have equipment like treadmills and ellipticals, or do they cater to the weight-lifting crowd? Or do they offer more specialized classes such as spinning or yoga?

These factors will help determine how much value there is in signing up with a particular gym. Additionally, if you want access to certain activities like swimming pools or basketball courts outside of regular working hours, make sure those amenities are available too! 

Step 4. Is Personal Training a Priority?

When choosing a gym, it’s important to consider if they offer personal training services as this could make all the difference in terms of achieving success with reaching your fitness goals. Personal trainers can help create an individualized program tailored to your specific needs and goals. They can also provide motivation and accountability that is sometimes hard to come by when exercising solo. Consider asking about the costs of a personal trainer when you do your next Bellingham gym tour.

Step 5. Price & Payment Plans.

Lastly, consider how much each gym will cost each month and what kind of membership options they offer. Is unlimited access only allowed to gym members at a certain membership tier? Also, make sure to read any fine print on contracts carefully so that there aren’t any hidden fees or surprises down the line! 

Step 6. Try Before You Buy

Many gyms offer free trial memberships so that potential customers can try them out before signing up for a long-term membership plan. This is a great way to test out different locations and see if the environment has the training styles you need to thrive without having to commit financially right away. Plus, it gives you an opportunity to talk with staff members and other patrons about their experiences at the facility—and who doesn’t love getting insider information?

Fitness Evolution Bellingham: The Last Stop on Your Gym Hunt

As you do your research on different locations, you’ll start to see why many call Fitness Evolution their home away from home. Let us prove why we’re the gym option that just makes sense by stopping by for a free day pass so that you can see firsthand what makes us special. Happy sweating!

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