How Much Should I Pay for a Gym?

Don't forget to calculate the annual fee into the overall cost of a monthly gym membership cost. Get the best exercise equipment at Fitness Evolution in Bellingham.

Are you considering investing in your health and wellness by joining a gym, but finding that the process can be more confusing – and more expensive – than expected? You are definitely not alone.

As Bellingham residents ourselves, we know how tricky it can be to figure out which gym or health club may best suit your needs practically and financially. We want to help demystify the process of choosing the right gym membership for you, so read on to learn more about what’s available in town, elements you should consider when making your decision, and tips on getting the most bang for your buck!

Consider What Type of Gym Would Fit Your Needs and Lifestyle

Deciding on a gym for membership can be daunting. In the midst of inflation, it might be easiest to just call around to find the cheapest gym membership. But then other questions pile up.

  • Do you need access to a swimming pool?
  • Are you investing in a gym membership for the group fitness classes and gym family feel?
  • Or would you rather have a place where you can just go in and out whenever you need that serotonin spike from physical activity?

Once you have a starting picture of a fitness center that would best fit your needs and lifestyle, then it’s time to choose a local gym. Gymgoers are able to commit more regularly to their physical fitness by opting for a convenient gym location. Ultimately, selecting the right gym gives you the opportunity to make exercise an enjoyable part of your regular routine.

National Average Gym Membership Cost

The average gym membership process can feel overwhelming, especially for those who are not able to commit to a long-term contract. Most gyms offer a monthly membership fee option to provide a more flexible and budget-friendly alternative to a large annual fee.

According to a 2021 studio implemented by Run Repeat, the average gym membership costs throughout the nation settled at $37.71 per month. This number will of course vary based on the local vicinity and cost of living, as well as which monthly gym membership level is chosen.

Are You Willing to Pay Extra for Specialized Gym Equipment and Unique Amenities?

When deciding whether to pay extra for a gym membership, it’s essential to consider what amenities are included, such as personal training, steam rooms, unlimited classes, and basketball courts. Consider how much use you will get out of those extras.

If training is something that you think would be beneficial to your fitness goals, then the additional cost of personal training might be worth it. If the steam room isn’t something you would use often, or if there are basketball courts nearby where you could practice your shots free of charge, then perhaps paying more for a gym membership with those features is not necessary. The decision ultimately comes down to personal preference and need. Weigh the pros and cons carefully before making a financial commitment.

Don’t Forget the Hidden Costs of Gym Memberships – Initiation Fees.

When it comes to investing in your health, deciding which gym is right for you is an important step. But first, be sure to understand the different fees these gyms require prior to joining.

Most monthly membership fees do not include the initiation fee (or joining fee). Each membership contract will also clarify what the cancellation fee is, if any.

As each gym is different, it would be wise to inquire or check online what these fees entail so that you end up with the plan that best suits your needs in terms of access and cost. It is also worth bearing in mind special offers or discounts that gyms may offer as a sign-up incentive!

Make Fitness Evolution Bellingham Your Home Gym Today

Picking the gym that’s right for you can seem like an overwhelming task, but it doesn’t have to be. Finding the best option requires research and planning so you don’t end up spending more money hopping from one membership to another. An online search can help narrow down your options and give you a better sense of the best option. Lastly, if you’re still unsure about which gym to choose or even just want to test it out before making a commitment, we encourage you to stop by Fitness Evolution Bellingham for a free first-time visitor pass. We believe that making an informed choice is essential when it comes to fitness and health; after all, it’s an investment in yourself!

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