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You can find all the fitness equipment and support you need in one place. Members can work out with weights, cardio, and machines, do group fitness classes, get tailored help from dedicated personal trainers, burn calories in our cardio theatre, visit the smoothie bar after an intense workout, and more!


Even at peak hours, you will have plenty of room and choice of equipment. The dumbbells, free weights, and bench press benches might get crowded from time to time, but you will always have space for jump roping, stretching, or working out on the machines.

If you are searching for “gym near me” or “best gyms near me” with group classes, free fitness training, cardio machines, and personal trainer options, then Bellingham Fitness is the place for you!
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Bellingham Fitness is not the “cheapest gym near me” or 10-Dollar gym with basic gym memberships like Planet Fitness or EVO Fitness. But we offer affordable gym memberships that offer more for less.


Ready To Try Something Different?

Fitness should be fun! We have something for everyone, from low-impact options like yoga and Pilates to high-intensity interval training (HIIT). Check out our group fitness schedule to find the perfect class for you.

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TRX Training

The Best Way to Get on Track!

With TRX, you can get personal training from certified trainers to work out your body and enhance your workout routine. With the resistance of gravity, it challenges core muscles for a complete-body workout even when only focusing on arms or legs.

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Zumba Class

Get Fit, Have Fun, and Join the Party!

Zumba is a new and exciting fitness class that combines a high-energy cardio workout with pulsating Latin music. It includes many different dance styles, including merengue, salsa, mambo, cumbia, reggaeton, belly dancing, and more!

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Yoga Classes

Enhance your overall sense of well-being!

At Fitness Evolution – Bellingham, we make it easy to tap into the power of yoga. Our classes offer an opportunity to experience the alignment of breath and movement, building strength and flexibility and enhancing your overall sense of well-being.

FE Bellingham POP Pilates® Group Class 10

POP Pilates®

Sculpt and Dance to a Healthy Body

Imagine all of the fantastic core-strengthening, body-shaping advantages of Pilates injected with a fun, modern spin. POP Pilates is a mat-based group workout that uses your trained instructor to lead you through each move at a quick pace.

FE Bellingham Cardio Kickboxing 14

Cardio Kickboxing

Get a high-intensity workout with fast-paced cardio!

Get ready to kick it up and transform your body with FE Bellingham Cardio Kickboxing! At FE Bellingham, you’ll learn the basics of kicking, punching, and jabs for an excellent full-body workout that will energize you.

What Our Customers Are Saying


We make it easy for you to find the perfect fit for your fitness goals and budget with our membership packages. Fitness Evolution is the perfect place to start your fitness journey. We have everything you need to get started on the path to a healthier, happier life. Come see and join us today!

First Time Visitor Pass

$ 5
  • Good for One Visit Only

    Must be Used on Same Day of Purchase

    Payments Are Made in Person

    Photo ID Required

    $5.00 Fee is Refundable if You Sign up for a Month to Month Membership on the Same Day


$ 49
Tax Per Month
  • No Long-Term Contract


    Fitness Orientation With Trainer

    Unlimited Guest Passes (Bring One Person Each Time You Come)

    20% Off Apparel, Supplements, Drink and Merchandise

    Unlimited Access

    Unlimited Tanning

    Unlimited Group X Classes

    $44 Annual Fee

    $9.99 Enrollment


$ 29
Tax Per Month
  • No Long-Term Contract


    Fitness Orientation With Trainer

    First Time Guest Pass (Bring One Person Who Has Never Been to the Gym)

    Unlimited Access

    $44 Annual Fee

    $9.99 Enrollment

Got Questions About Gyms Near Lynden?

Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions? We’ve got answers! We are here to help you in any way we can. Check our FAQ page for answers to common questions about fitness, nutrition, and more

Staying fit and healthy requires a commitment to a fitness program and accountability. A membership at Fitness Evolution Gym near Lynden, WA can help you achieve this. From high-intensity to low-impact group classes, to our strength and performance training equipment, you can find the best workouts for you at Fitness Evolution. The affordability and convenience of our gym membership make it easy. If you want to join a gym that helps you fulfill your fitness potential and become a healthier you, Fitness Evolution is the answer. 


To find the best gyms in Lynden, WA, find one that offers a variety of group classes, provides affordable membership options, maintains clean, well-functioning equipment, with personal trainers to help keep you motivated. For parents, a gym with childcare services can be advantageous. Fitness Evolution Gym near Lyden offers all of these benefits.

Gym membership options and pricing vary based on their facilities, amenities offered, and contracts. Some Lynden gyms have expensive monthly fees. Fitness Evolution offers a choice of two simple month-to-month membership plans without long-term contracts. Basic membership is $29 each month, with access to our standard gym equipment. Our premium membership offers a greater value than individually paying for each service and provides unlimited access to all of our group classes, tanning, and other amenities for just $49 a month.

Not all gyms in Lynden offer childcare facilities, but some do. At Fitness Evolution near Lynden, we prioritize family-friendly services by providing a Kids Club and daycare. This service is available to our members’ children aged 3 months to 12 years old. With on-site childcare, parents know their children are safely taken care of, so they can enjoy their workout or group classes.

There’s a variety of fitness classes available at gyms near Lynden. Some of ours include:  

  • Booty & Core: Targeted mid and lower-body workout that also challenges your glutes and abdominals.
  • Cardio Kickboxing: A high-intensity workout with fast-paced cardio.
  • Group Power: Strengthens muscles and boosts metabolism with high-intensity training to energetic tunes.
  • HIIT: High-intensity workout bursts with short rest periods creating a higher calorie burn.
  • Mat Pilates: Low-impact total body workout that improves balance and coordination.
  • POP Pilates: Mat-based high-energy workout with Pop 40 pop music that works every muscle group.
  • Tai Chi:  Builds strength and focus through ancient martial arts and breathing techniques, promoting whole-body wellness.
  • TRX: With the resistance of gravity, it challenges core muscles for a complete-body workout.
  • Yoga: Align your breath and movement, while building strength and flexibility and enhancing your overall sense of well-being.
  • Zumba: A high-energy cardio workout with pulsating Latin music including many dance styles.
  • 360 Strong: Functional training combining disciplines for maximum results with an upbeat soundtrack.

Choosing the right gym is a personal decision. While some prefer luxury features, these can be more expensive. Many people pay for extras they never use. Fancy spas or exclusive lounges aren’t necessary for improving health or athletic performance. At Fitness Evolution, we focus on providing exactly what you need to help you achieve your fitness goals. Our gym includes a wide range of equipment, from free weights to cardio machines. We also offer personalized training plans and nutritional advice from expert trainers. Premium members enjoy unlimited access to group classes like Yoga, Pilates, and HIIT. Invest in Fitness Evolution Gym where we provide exactly what you need without the expense of unnecessary amenities. 

Whether you’re looking to tone your body, build muscle strength, improve athletic performance, lose weight, or recover and rehabilitate from an injury, our Fitness Evolution personal trainers near Lynden offer one-on-one sessions, custom workout plans, and nutrition advice to help you reach your objectives.

Some Lynden gyms offer specialized fitness programs. Our personal trainers at Fitness Evolution Gym in Lynden can develop a specialized fitness program for you to reach your goals. If you want to lose weight or rehabilitate after an injury, or improve your athletic performance, following an individual specialized fitness program at our gym can help you achieve these. 

To find out more about gyms near Lynden, come and visit us at Fitness Evolution Gym. We offer a First Time Visitor Pass so you can try our gym before committing to a membership. It must be used on the same day as purchased and is for one visit only. The $5 fee is refundable if you sign up for a membership on the same day. 

Rates for personal training sessions at Lynden gyms vary. To determine what they cost, it’s best to contact each gym individually and ask their personal trainers. 

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